About Womens Hospital

Dr Rakesh Sinha and Dr Manju Sinha are the founders of BEAMS Hospitals & currently Own and Run Womens Hospital

Women's Hospital is the Worlds First 3D Laparoscopic Center

Fibroids & Hysterectomy Clinic

Our Claim to fame is our Two Guinness World Book Of Records for Worlds Largest Uterus Removed (Click To View) & Worlds Largest Fibroid Removed (Click To View) both laparoscopically at our center, Womens Hospital.

Premier Laparoscopic Institute

Womens Hospital an international standard super speciality hospital delivering excellent gynaecological endoscopy services since 1995.

Maternity (Obstetric) Services

The Team at Womens Hospital ensures the utmost priority on Care and Comfort when it comes to Maternity Services. They are excellently trained and extremely reputed in Obstetrics.


Why Womens Hospital?

  • Why Laparoscopic Surgery ?

    Laparoscopy is the visualization and Treatment of pathology via tiny minimal openings using sophisticated medical grade cameras, telescopes and surgical instruments. It has tremendous advantages compared to the old method of open surgery. Laparoscopy when performed by a skilled team results in less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stay and quick return to normal routine activity

  • 3D Laparoscopy

    Why 3D Laparoscopy?

    Womens Hospital believes in bringing on board the latest developments in Gynaecological Endoscopy which benefit Patients, thus the Worlds first 3D Laparoscopy Centre. The advantages of 3D or the patient are tremendous, safety being the foremost as it allows remarkable depth perception, the surgeon can discern between different tissue planes

  • The Dream Team

    The Team of Doctors

    The Internationally Qualified team of competent doctors at Womens Hospital customize your treatment according to the latest protocols and all members of the team are invested in your treatment, safety and recovery

  • Ambience

    Not your typical hospital

    The aesthetically designed, refreshingly green, luxurious medical facility induces a sense of wellbeing and serene calmness. It feels more like a hotel than a hospital. This in combination with the smiling compassionate competent care add up to result in quick recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Fibroids, Hysterectomies, Laparoscopic Surgery & Womens Hospital

(What is a Fibroid?)

(Surgical Removal Of Uterus)

(Treatment & Options)

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An Overview of Womens Hospital

Operating Room

State of the art 3D Operating Suites


Savour your meals at the Lounge

Luxury Suites

More Hotel Less Hospital


Relax on the Rooftop Patio


An Ambience that makes you Feel Good

Dream Team

Dream Team of 3D Surgeons

Our Amazing Team

Our Team of doctors are lead by Dr Rakesh Sinha & Dr Manju Sinha are World Renowned for their skills

Surgery Team

Dr Rakesh Sinha

Chief Enoscopic Surgeon

Dr Shweta Raje

Dr Gayatri Rao

Anesthesia Team

Dr Manju Sinha

Chief Anaesthesiologist

Dr Rishita Ghanshani

Dr Arundhati Kamble

Sonology Team

Dr Namrata Prabhudesai

Chief Sonologist

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